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Since 1998, Chrysalis has been a leading therapeutic boarding school for female adolescent students navigating challenges of anxiety and depression, trauma, PTSD, learning differences and relationship difficulties. At the heart of its enduring success are the dedicated individuals who have spent years shaping Chrysalis to be what it is today and embodying its core values of empathy, trusting relationships, service, growth, and results.

Our team’s dedication and tenure provide a strong culture and foundation. Through their collective experience, empathy, and commitment to service, we continue to guide individuals towards healing and hope, embodying the spirit of growth and results that define our program.

Mackenzie Hall, Executive Director at Chrysalis Therapeutic Boarding School.

Mackenzie Hall

Executive Director

Mackenzie Hall, the Executive Director at Chrysalis, stands as a testament to the power of tenure and dedication. With over four years of leadership experience at Chrysalis, and additional tenure with Embark programs dating back to 2012, Mackenzie’s commitment to fostering trusting relationships and empathetic understanding has been instrumental in guiding students and families towards growth and healing.

As only the third Executive Director in the 26-year history of Chrysalis, Mackenzie brings a unique perspective and a deep sense of responsibility to her role. Her dedication extends beyond the campus, as she never hesitates to join students on off-campus adventures. Mackenzie recently led a bi-annual service trip to Casa Hogar Alegre in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico that Chrysalis has been hosting since 2015. These experiences leave a lasting positive impact on both students and their families, and showcase Mackenzie’s commitment to making a difference both within and beyond the Chrysalis community.

Kendra Meiklejohn, LCSW

Clinical Director

Kendra bio

Kendra Meiklejohn, serving as the Clinical Director for over four years, brings a wealth of experience to her role. Kendra’s tenure at Chrysalis, combined with her decades of therapeutic expertise, underscore her commitment to service and fostering growth among students. Her passion for the power of adventure therapy, combined with her approach deeply rooted in systems and relational principles, has yielded meaningful clinical results and empowered students to embrace their potential.

Krysten bio

Krysten Fitzsimmons

Academic Director

Academic Director Krysten Fitzsimmons joined Chrysalis a decade ago in 2014, and has been pivotal in creating an academic environment that supports students’ therapeutic growth. Krysten is dedicated to ensuring students find joy in learning and heal from previous academic trauma. With degrees in English teaching and a master’s in special education, Krysten’s educational background and her commitment to supporting diverse learning styles combine to make academics at Chrysalis a key component to the student experience.

Through her tenure, Krysten has structured the academic environment to promote students’ therapeutic growth within the classroom, embodying the values at the core of Chrysalis’ mission.

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