Daily Schedule

7:00 am


8:30 am

Begin the Day

Students wake up, get ready for their day, have breakfast in their home, and complete morning chores.

Dining Room
School Building

Academic Day (Monday-Thursday)

Students begin school at 9am. Throughout their school day, students will have lunch and attend their various therapy sessions. Individual and Family therapy happens once weekly, and is organically built into each student's schedule. Group therapy occurs each school day.

Executive Function (EF) time is scheduled into each school day for our students and their academic advisor.

9:00 am


5:00 pm




Dinner & Free Time


Evening Activities

Study Night is led by a teacher at the school twice weekly.
There are also study groups, open mic nights, movie nights & free time.







Relaxation & Bedtime

Friday - Sunday

Friday through Sunday is dedicated to participating in seasonal adventure activities and providing service to our community. Adventure may include paddle boarding, skiing, snowshoeing, rock climbing, swimming, ice-skating, and exploring so much more. Oftentimes, students come to us excited for the outdoor adventure aspects. Or, students who may be fearful of activities due to anxiety, fear of judgment, or apprehension due to perceived risks. Our team is thoughtful in their approach with each student, taking them where they are at, and guiding them at a level that feels safe, supportive and challenging. Our students have a variety of opportunities to build a sense of competence, confidence, and find new passions through healthy outlets.

Typical weekend activities include:

Adventure · Community Service · Deep Clean Rooms  · Workout · Family Time