Our Program

No two girls are the same.

The same can be said for boarding school programs.

The decision to send your daughter away to a therapeutic boarding school is one of the most difficult ones you’ll make as a parent. It demonstrates your commitment to helping your daughter realize her full potential.

As much as you don’t want to see her go, the reality is that you can provide all your love, but you don’t have the resources she needs to overcome her struggles. You need a place that understands what you, your daughter, and your whole family are going through – a loving and comfortable place.


Progress takes time on a developmental journey, and different girls develop differently. That’s why a holistic and individualized approach to your daughter’s treatment is so important. At Chrysalis, our unique program is customized for each student and their family to combine:

  • Academics
  • Therapy
  • Recreation & adventure travel
  • International travel
  • Service
  • Transition services

Because we specialize in relationship development and family-style living, we offer a warm and supportive environment that fosters identity development, self-esteem and a sense of belonging. The structure of our program and daily life at Chrysalis helps our students excel academically and develop integrity and a strong work ethic while maintaining a healthy balance of work and play. It all makes for a dynamic we’ve found to be extremely effective.

Expect big things when you keep it small.

Chrysalis is smaller and more intimate than most other therapeutic boarding schools, and this is intentional. Our capacity is limited to 40 students and the low student-to-staff ratio and small, family environment ensures that each student receives the individual attention she deserves. This small size means that we eat all our meals at a table together and spend evenings chatting on the living room couches or studying at the dining room table, rather than eating in a cold cafeteria and living in an impersonal dorm. Our intention is to parallel life at home, which gives your daughter an opportunity to properly practice and develop the relationship skills pivotal to her success.

Chrysalis students often wrestle with self-esteem, identity, sense of belonging and forming meaningful relationships. They may struggle to form healthy habits at school, at home or in their social groups. We’ve designed our program to feel like home so they can practice strategies for overcoming their difficulties at home. Of course, new skills are hard to learn and old habits are hard to break, which is why our average length of stay may seem long. However, we strive to teach our girls how to recognize their old habits, how to employ new skills and how to practice making these changes a part of their everyday routine. Without a school, social groups and home-like setting, students could not practice their new skills in a practical environment to ensure success after they graduate our program. In the big picture, your daughter’s time here is short when you consider that its impact will last her whole life.