Family Involvement

Family participation is critical to a student's success at Chrysalis. Parents are part of the treatment process, and are actively engaged in the program experience. Yes, parents get therapy assignments, too! Our clinical team works closely with students and their families to create opportunities for direct and open communication through weekly family therapy and social calls.

In person family therapy sessions are conducted  when you visit campus, and at the fall and spring family workshop. These workshops are not only an excellent time to grow with your daughter, but also to connect with staff and other families. There is power in solidarity and shared experiences.

Other ways for parents and families to get involved:

  • Family workshop twice a year
  • Father/child canoe trip in June
  • Mother/child retreat in August
  • Adventure outings
  • International trips
  • Letter writing
  • On-site family therapy
  • Campus visits and eventually home visits

Mother/Child Retreat

We are firm believers in helping all family members learn the skills necessary to develop and maintain healthy, long-lasting relationships. This is why every year in August we host a mother/daughter retreat. Just as you love and support your daughter, your daughter can also show her love and support for you. Our skilled clinical staff engages mothers and daughters in important conversations about femininity, family bonds, and trust. The retreat gives young women and their moms time to reflect, reconnect, express feelings of love and gratitude, heal and deepen relationships. The power and grace of what comes out of this trip could not be matched with a more appropriate setting.

Art Projects


Ropes Course




Father/Child Canoe Trip


To help strengthen the bond between fathers and daughters, each summer a group of Chrysalis students and their fathers embark on a three-day journey afloat the wild and scenic Upper Missouri River in eastern Montana. While paddling a canoe together, dads and daughters reflect, learn, and connect throughout this unique experience canoeing part of Lewis and Clark’s discovery path through the West. This trip blends physical strength with problem-solving as fathers and daughters work together to canoe the river.

We paddle, play and laugh all the way, as fathers and daughters participate in group and individual therapy sessions that spark continual conversations while we float. The natural elements provide an opportunity for fathers and daughters to make meaningful connections in an exciting environment that is unique to Chrysalis.

Daughters show their fathers the camping and cooking skills they’ve learned. Fathers get to know Chrysalis staff and other families. Together, they wake up early to coffee and the sunrise over the bluffs.Through delicious meals, time around the campfire, and of course paddling participants reflect on the journey behind them and draw connections to the journey ahead.