Psychiatric Medication Management

Girls at Chrysalis therapeutic boarding school in Montana.

At Chrysalis, students play an active role in psychiatric and medication management services, being educated on their specific medications and recommendations, and having their voice heard throughout the process.

Upon admission, all students meet with our psychiatric team to assess efficacy of their current medication, as well as analysis of medications that could help them on their healing journey forward.

Throughout their stay, students may find they benefit from psychiatric medication management, some only temporarily, while others may not be recommended medication as part of their treatment plan. We view medication not as a cure-all, but rather as a helpful tool to support some students in actively engaging in their path, life, and treatment.

Our treatment team works collaboratively with our psychiatric team, discussing observations from school, therapy, and residential life. Depending on medication needs, our APRN will meet with students weekly, or monthly at a minimum. It is important to involve parents in discussions regarding any medication changes or recommendations, and we seek both student and parent permission before changes occur.