Chrysalis Phase System

Phases of Healing & Growth

Our phases are designed to help students and families track their progress and growth, and coincides with each student's Master Treatment Plan.

Students arriving at Chrysalis initially spend about a week's time orienting to being in a new environment. This supportive time allows for students to become familiar with our community and routines. The initial orientation phase is designed to provide students the space to begin participating in therapy, attend academic classes,  take part in household responsibilities, attend adventure activities, and experience community service. Safety is very important here, and we have extra focus on it during this initial orientation time. Safety as a value at Chrysalis is described as ensuring that we live together in a community full of safe choices where both physical and emotional well-being is highly respected.

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Value: Safety



Acceptance, Trust & Preparation


First Light Phase

Our First Light Phase embodies the values of: Acceptance, Trust, and Preparation.

This phase allows students the time to settle in, identify their therapeutic work, build relationships on campus and at home, and build a foundation on which to tackle big challenges together. On this phase, students, families and our treatment team will all work together to build the Master Treatment Plan, which will inform the treatment process throughout the time within our program. Goals will be created, which we will target together!  Time spent on this phase will be devoted on building a foundation of trust within the family system and treatment team, as this is a necessary building block to delve into the deeper work on the next phase. Here, we will help you navigate difficult situations, conversations, and problems to help the family heal and grow together. In addition to the individual, family, and group therapy provided, parent coaching will begin with parents.

Trails Phase

Our Trails Phase embodies the values of:

Attunement, Challenge, & Communication.

Doing the deeper therapeutic work within ourselves takes strength and great determination. It also requires nurturing and fostering empathetic relationships. We are here to support you in the difficulties that arise! This is a safe space to process and practice talking about challenging topics. In this phase, we help you focus on attuning with one another, practicing trust, and guiding you with effective communication. We teach you coping skills to co-regulate in your relationships.  We expect that doing difficult emotional work will get messy. We help you become aware of this and to lean into the discomfort.  We will help you focus on healing and repairing relationships, take time for consistent self-care, and explore what life can look like out of constant crisis.


Attunement, Challenge & Communication



Stability, Future Vision & Community


Summit Phase

Our Summit Phase embodies the values of:

Stability, Future vision, and Community.

This is a time where students seek stability, maintain the skills learned, and maintain relationships. As there are frequent home visits during this final phase, healthy habits, coping skills, and consistent self-care are utilized not only at Chrysalis, but at home and within the larger community. Students and their families, along with the treatment team, will work together to identify goals for what is to come, when leaving Chrysalis.

Alpenglow - Completion

At this stage, students and families have developed their plan for the next stage, whether that is home, to a traditional boarding school, or off to college.  This is time to reflect on your progress and set your intentions. You will have identified supports you will need as you step into this next phase of your journey, and we welcome you to stay in touch with us, as well as find ways to stay connected to close friendships you have built along the way. We are grateful to be a part of this journey with you and your family.



“At first it was, ‘Here’s my daughter, now fix her.’ With time and your guidance, I have come around to, ‘How much I can impact not only my daughter’s health, but my own?’ Now, not only am I getting my daughter back, but I am also finding myself.”

– Parent

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