Chrysalis Phase System

1. Orientation Phase

Students arriving at Chrysalis are on Orientation Phase, indicating that a student is becoming familiarized with the Chrysalis community and routines. Basic expectations of this phase include participation and effort group therapy, academic classes, morning workout, household responsibilities, adventure activities, service work, individual therapy and sessions with family. Safety is very important here, and we have extra focus on it during the Orientation Phase. Safety as a value at Chrysalis is described as ensuring that we live together in a community full of safe choices where both physical and emotional well-being is highly respected.

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Value: Safety


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Value: Responsibility


2. Acceptance Phase

Students on Acceptance Phase are perceived by the treatment team to have become fully oriented to the routines and structure at Chrysalis. The Chrysalis Acceptance Phase is closely tied to the value of responsibility. Responsibility as a value at Chrysalis is described as accepting that we all need to do our part to create a functional and thriving community. In this phase, students are becoming keenly aware of how to be accountable, gaining an understanding of what it means to mature, and are beginning to exercise some leadership in the Chrysalis community.

3. Trust Phase

Students on Trust Phase are more deeply engaged in their process of growth as shown by greater self-awareness and regular use of new coping skills. The Chrysalis Trust Phase is closely tied to the value of honesty. Honesty as a value at Chrysalis is described as being truthful to self and others. Openness and integrity are cultivated in this phase. Students on Trust Phase are working to enhance their trust in relationships by accepting the care and authority of adults.

The girls behavior is becoming more consistent, regardless of whether adults are watching or not and there is increased demonstration of trustworthy behavior. A deeper focus on healing through core issues, moving beneath behaviors, and an emphasis on developing core meaning exists. Students are beginning to explore their identity and reconnect with forgotten and lost aspects of self.

Some of the additional responsibilities on Trust Phase include: students begin to receive a weekly allowance, they can attend off-campus visits with family, the ability to attend international trips, they may have an iPod, and social calls with parents.


Value: Honesty


“At first it was, ‘Here’s my daughter, now fix her.’ With time and your guidance, I have come around to, ‘How much I can impact not only my daughter’s health, but my own?’ Now, not only am I getting my daughter back, but I am also finding myself.”

– Parent


Value: Respect


4. Action Phase

Students on Action Phase are demonstrating solid momentum across all aspects of their daily lives including peer relationships, family relationships, adult relationships, therapy, adventure, academics, exercise, service work, and residential life. The Chrysalis Action Phase is closely tied to the value of respect. Respect as a value at Chrysalis is described as approaching the world and self with mindful consideration. Tolerance and acceptance of individual and cultural differences, as well as the capacity for empathy, is increasing.

The responsibilities in this phase include increased allowance, they can go on home visits, correspondence with approved friends, and increased phone call time with family.

5. Stability Phase

Students on Stability Phase are making strong, positive progress in all aspects of their life. Girls are consistently demonstrating the ability to function in a healthy manner in the Chrysalis community and at home. Consistent use of healthy skills are evident. The Chrysalis Stability Phase is closely tied to the value of wellness. Wellness as a value at Chrysalis is described as striving for a healthy mind, body, and spirit. This is shown by ever-growing confidence and the commitment to one’s emotional and physical health. By this phase students have begun to emerge as leaders within the Chrysalis community. Responsibilities in this phase include increased freedoms among their current privileges. It also includes additional responsibilities, increased allowance, the ability to hold a volunteer or paid job, and increased time at home and independent involvement in the community.

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Value: Wellness


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Core Value: Compassion


6. Preparation for Transition Phase

Students on Preparation for Transition Phase have advanced and matured in a significant fashion. Maturation away from a position of self-centeredness and toward greater levels of reciprocity in relationships is evident. The Chrysalis Preparation for Transition Phase is closely tied to the value of compassion. Compassion as a value at Chrysalis is described as having an awareness of, and caring for the thoughts and needs of others. Students are invested in service and consistently demonstrate kindness toward others. Self-love as a form of compassion is developed. Students show earnest work on transition, home plans, and home agreements. During the students final phase at Chrysalis, students will work toward closure. A graduation date is set.

Responsibilities include: access to social media, access to personal phone as well as increased freedoms on privileges they already hold.

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The next chapter of her life

Upon completing the Chrysalis program, family and friends are invited to attend a graduation ceremony celebrating the graduate’s personal growth and accomplishment. Housemates and Chrysalis team members gather to celebrate her triumph and success. She will receive a special gift, a custom-designed ring only for Chrysalis graduates. She will help to plan her graduation with guidance from her therapist and staff. This is a time that brings out laughter and tears as we share memories of the struggles, the happy times, the successes, and ultimately, in completing the program and reaching
the mark. It is a time of encouragement and hope

for the future as she prepares to leave Chrysalis and go on to the next chapter of her life, knowing she will always have the continued support of your Chrysalis family and friends.

In the Transition Phase the student holds the same responsibilities as held in the prior phases, as well as access to a laptop and cell phone.

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