Teen girl with Instagram addiction.

10 Warning Signs of Instagram Addiction in Teen Girls

By EBH Marketing / June 28, 2024 /

Learn 10 signs of Instagram addiction, and some supportive ways parents can help teen girls overcome excessive social media use.

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Chrysalis therapeutic boarding school which provides foundational strength, experience, and longevity in helping girls with mental health challenges.

Foundational Strength with Longevity & Experience

By EBH Marketing / April 29, 2024 /

Chrysalis is a leading therapeutic boarding school, with healing staff that provides strength, longevity, and experience for teen girls in treatment.

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Teenager lying to parent when having a discussion.

8 Effective Ways Parents Can Reduce Teenage Lying in Girls

By EBH Marketing / April 25, 2024 /

Discover 8 ways parents can reduce lying in teenage girls, why teen girls lie, what consequences are appropriate, and what to do if teens continue to lie.

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