Joe, the newest resident of Lake House

Companion animals often capture the hearts of our students here at Chrysalis, as the girls adopt cats and dogs to keep them company during their stay in our campus residences.

After the loss of longtime Lake House feline resident Felix, a new  kitty has taken his place in the household. Joe was adopted from the  Eureka shelter and has stolen the hearts of both girls and staff with  his HUGE friendly, outgoing personality. He has joined Lola in the  house, and so far, they keep their distance. He’s still not quite sure about his canine counterparts and stands wary but firm in their presence. So far, we’ve had no serious mishaps and Joe will soon be going  outdoors to explore his new surroundings.

Our Chrysalis campus includes three residences, a multi-use facility called the Chrysalis Center, a cabin, a school building and a clinical building. The Lake House residence stands adjacent to Carpenter Lake, where the girls play hockey or ice skate in the winter and kayak, canoe and swim in summertime.

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