Waiting for the Snow

Old man winter is taking his sweet time arriving in Northwest Montana. The Whitefish Mountain Resort, or should I say The Big Mountain (as we longtime locals will always call it), was unable to open on schedule due to lack of snow.

On December 10th the Adventure staff took the girls up to the mountain to get their season passes and rental gear squared away. Somehow just being at the ski resort brought a little joy to everyone’s day. It was fun to stand at the season pass counter and watch how each girl acted over getting her picture taken. Some tried to look their adorable best while others tried to keep a straight face while bursting at the seams with laughter. To keep from clogging up the pass line, girls were sent to our prep area without seeing their passes first….absolute torture for some! As one of our Level 3 students made her way into the prep area with 36 passes hanging around her neck a feeding frenzy started; girls were eager to see and hold their pass for the first time of the season!

Giddiness followed as they went from one friend to the next comparing pictures. Somehow if felt like an accomplishment to wear such a prized item — like a gold medal at the winter games. I understand, because every season I feel the same way. Now, If only the heavens would open up and grace us with an abundance of deep light powder. Pray for snow!

Post from Adventure Coordinator Julie Hughes

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