Finding Strength

By Chrysalis School / December 5, 2016 / Comments Off on Finding Strength

We all have stories that have defined who we are in our life path. We get bogged down with past fears, relationships and familiarities. All in which have left us feeling as if it’s written permanently on our foreheads for everyone to read. In hopes of creating a clean slate, somehow, in someway, it has…

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A Spontaneous Road Trip with Lasting Memories

By Chrysalis School / November 4, 2016 / Comments Off on A Spontaneous Road Trip with Lasting Memories

“We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.” The Chrysalis School is a bustling environment. Each day is structured with school, therapy, daily responsibilities and connection. Life is more than a routine, connection is made and found in these day to day activities. Celebrating a home life is something we…

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Making Lemonade

By Dave Schuster / February 23, 2016 / Comments Off on Making Lemonade

Life gives us our fair share of lemons to decide what to do with them. Within the therapeutic residential setting we probably see a few more lemons, both those of our girls’ and of our own. The cliche, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” serves as a reminder that every challenge that comes our…

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Behind the Scenes With Chef Bob

By Chrysalis School / October 27, 2015 / Comments Off on Behind the Scenes With Chef Bob

In the main kitchen at Chrysalis, chef Bob Coffman serves a cue from the family farmhouse where he prepares meals for up to 60 students and staff. “My mom was a firm believer in everything from scratch,” he says a few minutes before the lunchtime crowd arrives, as he simultaneously crisps bacon, stirs two soups and assembles what must be at…

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Chrysalis Staff Gratitude

By Kenny Pannell / November 24, 2014 / Comments Off on Chrysalis Staff Gratitude

Some thoughts of gratitude from our wonderful staff: I’m grateful to have the privilege and opportunity to work with amazing girls and their families in reconnecting. It is truly an honor to be part of each girl’s journey. I also feel incredibly blessed to work with such dedicated, kind, and caring people. ~Natasha, Therapist First…

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