Finding Strength

We all have stories that have defined who we are in our life path. We get bogged down with past fears, relationships and familiarities. All in which have left us feeling as if it’s written permanently on our foreheads for everyone to read. In hopes of creating a clean slate, somehow, in someway, it has creeped back up on us, causing our growth to stall. Society has so many ‘wrongs’ and ‘rights’, and when it’s out of the thing we call norm, it will appear to be objectified and condemned. We try to hide from our incidences in our past and ignore them, frightened that those around will find out. To cope with the uncomfortable burden it brings us, people push their weaknesses to the side, avoiding their existence whatsoever. At some point, everyone becomes succumbed by their past and loses the energy and will to overcome it.

The beauty of finding strength is having the choice of your own path and being in control of change. Remembering the finer qualities you have grasped and learned, will allow for you to embrace your inner strength. With trial and error, this skill will be discovered. Being hopeful, and utilizing the resources in your community, will make your support known.  And, you will be left believing in something that you may of never thought you would.

We each have our own way of finding strength, whether we realize it or not. It may be through creating a relationship we could not have foreseen, through that oneFinding Strength | Chrysalis School Montana perfect song on replay, writing through emotion or being outdoors. At Chrysalis, we work as a family to support each individual as they work through their challenges and find their strength while on their journey. Chrysalis also encourages the youth to center in on those difficult times with guidance from the relationships formed in the houses, families or everyday world and most importantly with themselves. During their darkest hours, inner strength, has opened up their eyes to the new and allowed for them to move forward. Old fears were tackled, and new fears were welcomed. Relationships were bonded with a variety of people, creating structure for the old ones that were in need of some improvement. The unknown is a frightening concept to wrap our heads around but not knowing what your future holds for you isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With uncertainty comes familiarity. The future, is just a concept, one that is created by a stack of theories and assumptions, all in which, thanks to our strong, creative minds, can change within a second.

– Written by our Adventure staff

Chrysalis School