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Chrysalis Transition House - Kalispell, Montana

Milestones of the Program

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There are four Milestones that guide the responsibilities and privileges of each student staying at the transition house. Each Milestone is attached to a core value:  Respect, Management, Balance, and Ownership. 

Each Milestone captures the essence of the focus of each stage, and each new Milestone builds on the former.  Students will move through the milestones based on behaviors and peer/staff feedback. The official evaluation is conducted by staff.

Each Milestone has a set of basic goals and objectives the student will be responsible to achieve, and will receive support and guidance from the staff. Once a student embodies and demonstrates competency and consistency in the over-arching Milestone goals, she has achieved that Milestone and may advance to the next. The next Milestone has a new set of criteria, as well as new freedoms, privileges, and areas of challenge.

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Students attend the local high school, Flathead High School, conveniently located less than a mile away. There are hundreds of classes to choose from, and the Chrysalis Academic Director works closely with our students throughout the enrollment process, ensuring that they are being placed in appropriate and necessary courses to meet their target graduation date. Students can also attend online classes via the Montana Digital Academy in the event a required course cannot be offered in person. The Residential Manager can regularly check the status of a student’s grades and homework, and is in frequent contact with Flathead High School’s guidance counselors, allowing for up-to-date insight into a student’s academic and social progress. Occasionally a student may need additional support, and a standard “study time” Monday-Thursday afternoon assists students who have a grade of a C or lower in any class.

Eligible students are also provided the opportunity to attend nearby Flathead Valley Community College to gain college credits while still being enrolled at the high school.

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Students meet with their therapist for two hours per week. Students are encouraged to use this time for processing and practicing deep self-exploration, whether that is a session in the staff office, or time spent out in the community practicing skills and tools. Room for creativity and flexibility is allowed in deciding how to make the most out of weekly sessions. Unless the allotted time is better spent one-on-one with the student, family therapy also occurs weekly via telehealth.

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Process Group

Process group is time allotted one time each week where all students and staff come together to check in. During this time students are given the opportunity to give affirmations and receive constructive feedback.

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Psychatric Care

If students are taking medication or need psychiatric evaluation, they will meet with a psychiatrist who works closely with students, families, and our clinical team to make conservative and sound decisions about medication management. The psychiatrist visits campus once per month, to evaluate medication needs and changes. They are also available for appointments via phone, between meetings, should the need arise. We encourage students to talk openly and honestly with the psychiatrist about any issues that may need to be addressed. It is important that students participate in their own care and journey.

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To grow on the inside, head to the outside! At Milestones, adventure programming takes place every Saturday and consists of activities such as hiking, fishing, whitewater rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, golfing, snowshoeing, ice skating, skiing and snowboarding. Additionally, in an effort to integrate students into the local community and encourage them to see the diversity, flexibility, and creativity of pursuing an active lifestyle, adventure programming occasionally looks like taking a yoga class, bowling, working out at the local gym, playing mini golf, visiting a nearby hot springs, sightseeing at Glacier National Park, or indoor rock-climbing. Whatever the adventure, students are encouraged to collaborate with staff in the planning process!

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Teaching Moments

Life skills trainings occur every other Sunday at Milestones. Milestones staff and members of the community teach students hands-on practical life skills such as changing a tire, checking oil, sewing, budgeting, time management, phone/social etiquette, resume building, job interviewing, scheduling health and personal appointments, CPR, first aid certifications, and other life hacks.

Wellness groups are scheduled every other Thursday night with our Registered Nurse who holds a safe space for students to engage in meaningful health education. This is a time to ask questions and educate oneself on healthy living. Topics  include areas such as nutrition, sex education, personal health and body care.

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In an effort to introduce students to their local community as well as maintain a close-knit community within their own house, Family Night takes place each Friday evening.  Outings and activities are planned by staff and students, and are initially mandatory to attend. Once students progress in their Milestone work, this time may be re-allocated towards other priorities as deemed important in their value-based goal work. Family outings include activities such as seeing a movie in the theatre, having dinner at a new restaurant, visiting the nearby shopping plaza, trying on new face masks as part of a spa night, painting pottery in an art gallery, or checking out the local park for a game of soccer.

Once per month, Milestones staff and students engage in acts of service within our local community. Acts of service include, but are not limited to, volunteering at the nearby animal shelter, food bank, women’s shelter, or nursing home.  Our philosophy is service is an essential element of human wellness, and as such, each student is expected to attend and regularly contribute over the course of their stay.

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