Making a Difference in Eureka, Montana

For more than a decade,Chrysalis School has helped girls overcome their personal challenges. This therapeutic boarding school now hosts students from across the United States, with about half coming from the Western half of the country.

Chrysalis is based in Eureka, just five miles from the Canadian border. The 65-acre school originally began as a home-based program with about eight girls. Today the school has a capacity of 36 students, according to founder and co-director Kenny Pannell.

Staff at Chrysalis includes the co-directors, teachers, case managers, clinicians, adventure staff, house parents and business office personnel.

Classes at Chrysalis include English, mathematics, foreign languages, art, physical education and music. Another emphasis is physical fitness, with the girls taking part in activities like tennis and soccer. The students also take part in adventure activities like horseback riding and mountain biking.

Each year, the girls can participate in an optional international trip. Past trips have been to countries including Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, France, England, Costa Rica, and Vietnam.

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