Music and Art at Chrysalis

Chrysalis is excited to announce our growing music and art program! This fall singer/song writer Michelle Lynn and artist Sean Tribble will be joining the Chrysalis team. They each bring an expertise that will expand the creative offerings for our students.

Michelle taught music at Chrysalis years ago, and we’re excited about her return. She has been performing and teaching guitar lessons for the past few years. She will be bringing three music classes to Chrysalis: songwriting, choir, and music workshop. Songwriting will fuse elements of a creative writing course with those of a music course. The goal is to provide the opportunity for our students to learn about the art of songwriting, and how to use it as a creative outlet. This can sometimes mean turning life’s hardest moments into something beautiful that others can connect with or appreciate. Choir will focus on the vocal aspect of music as girls learn songs of different genres. The music workshop class will cover the basics of music theory and music history. Michelle will also offer private guitar lessons.

Sean has been a potter for over 15 years; his work can be found in various galleries in the local area, as well as online. He will be offering the following art classes this fall: 2D, ceramics, and mix media. The 2D class will focus on drawing and painting. Students will work to understand and articulate different styles and approaches to line, perspective, balance, shades and tones, color value, and weight. All while using a pencil, pen or brush. The ceramics course will help students establish the skills to produce either functional wares or decorative works. The class will consider form, surface texture, and surface finishes as they study different design concepts. And lastly, the mix media class will work to cross the borders of self-defined and self-imposed limits. In all of Sean’s classes, he will challenge students to ask questions of themselves and work toward answering those questions. His goal is to help students understand more about themselves, the world we live in, and the way we will interact with the world.

In short, our students will have more opportunities than ever to earn academic credit through music and art classes. These skillful and passionate teachers will offer yet another avenue for our students to explore personal identity and growth. Come visit one of our classes!

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