Chrysalis Halloween 2012

The students and staff of the Chrysalis School once again enjoyed a fabulous Halloween party!  On Saturday, October 27th the girls were busy on campus preparing for the exciting event.  After weeks of excitement over what costumes would be worn, it was finally time to prepare for the party.

Some girls were busy decorating cupcakes with ghosts, goblins and ghouls, baking cookies, and making caramel apples. Others were cutting up fruit and veggies and creatively placing them on serving trays to tempt everyone to have a healthy treat….if even just one!

A handful of girls excitedly raised their hands to be the ones who got to pull out all the decorations and turn the Center into a magically fun place to celebrate.  Straw bales were picked up and a friendly scarecrow was made to greet those who entered the door.  Once inside the spooky butler gave pause to all as his crazy eyes followed each step taken.

“This year the costumes were better than any year before” Kenny said. This made girls smile and you could tell it made them happy.  Mary was unable to make it to the party this year and she was greatly missed; but the party went on!

There was bobbing for apples, a scavenger hunt, eating doughnuts from a string, scary movies and plenty of mouth watering treats.  It was a great party folks, and we are looking forward to Thanksgiving and ski season! LET IT SNOW!

~Julie Hughes
Chrysalis Adventure Staff
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