Celebrating One Year with InnerChange!

At this time last year, Chrysalis was preparing to announce our exciting partnership with InnerChange. The final logistics were complete, and it was only a matter of making it official. As of January 1, 2013, Chrysalis has been been a proud InnerChange partner.

InnerChange is a partner organization that serves mental health professionals, providing clinical and operational support to help them aid struggling families.

butterfly above centerWe are happy to learn from their expertise and to collaborate with other professionals. Many people ask us how Chrysalis has changed because of InnerChange, and the answer is rather simple: we provide the same care to students in a warm and nurturing environment that we have for 15 years. On a program level, not much has changed. The main program change is that we now go on two international service trips a year, and every Chrysalis student will go on one international trip during her time here! InnerChange thought that our international service trips were a wonderful opportunity for our students and families, so they encouraged us to do more trips. So we are! We are also in the process of creating a formal alumni program. It has been great to begin to connect more regularly with alumni and to hear the wonderful things they are doing now.

The other changes are more staff focused. Our staff are able to travel more, engaging with other clinicians in the field. Our staff are able to learn from staff at other InnerChange partnership programs. We will be updating our website and utilizing social media more to be in contact with prospective, current, and alumni families. There are even better staff benefits as a result of being a part of a larger group of people that are serving families.

In short, we are pleased and thankful to be working with InnerChange, and we look forward to our continued partnership as we enter 2014.

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