Receiving more than we seek

By Julie Hughes / October 2, 2015 / Comments Off on Receiving more than we seek

The summer of 2015 experienced early, heavy rains followed by drought, wildfires, smoke, trail closures, and a very unpredictable Mother Nature. While Northwest Montana and many other parts of the country hoped for rain, the outdoor adventurers took every opportunity to walk with nature – thankful for late sunsets and warm, sun-filled days. During the…

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One Crazy Ski Season

By Julie Hughes / April 15, 2015 / Comments Off on One Crazy Ski Season

The winter of 2014/2015 will surely go down in Chrysalis history. We haven’t seen winter conditions like this in the past and I hope we never do again in the future! The girls had the shortest ski season on record, starting on December 6th and ending on March 7th. They each missed out on 2…

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