Chrysalis location

By chry_admin / September 14, 2011 / Comments Off on Chrysalis location

Located a handful of miles from the Canadian border, Chrysalis is a therapeutic boarding school in northwestern Montana. Our 65-acre campus includes student housing, a gym/office complex, soccer fields, tennis courts and volleyball courts. We also have areas where our students can ride horses. We are located in a gorgeous setting that’s about five hours…

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Chrysalis program description

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Here at Chrysalis School, we help our students grow and develop in a healthy, safe environment. Our system of instruction helps the teenage girls make positive choices and they increase in maturity and self-esteem. The Chrysalis experience is individualized. No two of the hundreds of girls who have studied here have had the exact same…

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Accredited with NIPSA

By chry_admin / September 12, 2011 / Comments Off on Accredited with NIPSA

Chrysalis is one of only four schools in the state of Montana that are accredited with the National Independent Private Schools Association, according to NIPSA . NIPSA accreditation involves school data, organizational structure, curriculum, staff, activities and more. There are NIPSA-affiliated schools in 19 states from Alabama to Wisconsin. The organization abides by a code…

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Chrysalis Academics

By chry_admin / September 6, 2011 / Comments Off on Chrysalis Academics

Academics at Chrysalis School are designed to help teenage girls who have struggled in traditional academic settings such as public schools. We employ state-certified high school teachers, as well as several tutors. Students study subjects such as English, history and mathematics, and they’re also expected to get active in extracurricular activities such as athletics, music…

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Getting families involved

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Families play an essential role in our work here at Chrysalis School. Our clinical staff works closely with both parents and students as part of the therapeutic environment. We communicate with families through Skype or phone calls and encourage carefully planned visitation both on and off campus. Chrysalis families are also encouraged to participate in…

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Chrysalis Continues Glacier Tradition

By chry_admin / August 31, 2011 / Comments Off on Chrysalis Continues Glacier Tradition

This summer, nearly 60 travelers from Chrysalis School renewed a tradition of community service at Glacier National Park. Chrysalis, a therapeutic boarding school, is located in northwestern Montana near the Canadian border. The school is about 35 miles from Glacier National Park, which features more than 700 miles of trails set among mountains, meadows, forests and…

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Fall Semester begins today

By chry_admin / August 30, 2011 / Comments Off on Fall Semester begins today

Today marks the start of the fall semester here at Chrysalis School. We’re excited to have the girls starting their year of academics, therapy and activities here after a summer filled with Chrysalis activities. We’ve got our full capacity of 36 students this year. Stay tuned to this blog for updates throughout the school year.

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Two, One, Zero…

By chry_admin / August 28, 2011 / Comments Off on Two, One, Zero…

The fall semester starts Tuesday at Chrysalis School. We’re excited to have the girls back here in Eureka, Montana! Many of the Chrysalis students have participated in summer adventure activities like biking, horseback riding, hiking and service projects. We’re proud of the tradition of community servicehere at Chrysalis; we’ll strive to continue that legacy of…

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Another Perspective on the Glacier Trip

By chry_admin / August 25, 2011 / Comments Off on Another Perspective on the Glacier Trip

Nearly 60 Chrysalis volunteers recently visitedGlacier National Park for a week-long service project. Staffer Ken Kudick offered the following thoughts on the Glacier trip. “Our trip to Glacier National Park is one of the most exciting times of our Chrysalis year. At first many of our students aren’t excited about the idea of doing trailwork,…

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Chrysalis Students return for Service at Glacier National Park

By chry_admin / August 24, 2011 / Comments Off on Chrysalis Students return for Service at Glacier National Park

Some 60 travelers fromChrysalis School journeyed this summer to Glacier National Park to participate in a service project that’s become a Chrysalis tradition over the past decade-plus. “As I started to set out my clothing into piles of work, hiking and camp clothing I had a chance to reflect back on my previous three trips…

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