Seeing Mother-Daughter Relationships in a New Light

By Becca Wineka / September 20, 2016 / Comments Off on Seeing Mother-Daughter Relationships in a New Light

Every August, nestled on the shore of the beautiful Flathead Lake, is our annual mother-daughter retreat.  It is a time and space created with the intention of connection, fun, being together, making new memories, and healing relational space. As a witness to the process, I stand amazed at the amount of courage that was required to…

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The Anatomy of Trust

By Becca Wineka / May 23, 2016 / Comments Off on The Anatomy of Trust

Dr. Brene Brown has started an international conversation about shame, vulnerability, courage, and connection. If you haven’t heard of her work yet, indulge your curiosity with this link to her personal bio and website. She has semester courses online that are open to anyone interested in diving into the deep end of the pool of…

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A Summer Class to Remember

By Becca Wineka / September 15, 2015 / Comments Off on A Summer Class to Remember

This summer I had the joy of teaching “Seeing My Time,” an executive functioning (EF) curriculum by Marydee Skylar.  Roughly twenty bright-eyed young ladies showed up every Monday for eight weeks to gather tools to sharpen executive functioning skills.  The profile for teens and adults that benefit from this class is as follows: poor time…

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