Academics at Chrysalis

The school year is in full swing here at Chrysalis, and girls are busy with the rigors of school. Many seniors are excitedly preparing for college, writing essays and filling out applications. Other students are catching up academically, often realizing how much academic potential they have.

Intellect and academics play a large role in a student’s time at Chrysalis. Greater success in school often results in increased self-esteem. Our small class size and fully certified world-class educators help students succeed academically. The teachers come with diverse backgrounds, ranging from outdoor education, the Peace Corps, teaching overseas, and Masters degrees. They offer flexibility in scheduling, individualizing it for each student’s needs. Our teachers also work closely with the clinicians, attending weekly treatment team meetings. The small class sizes allow teachers to differentiate in the classroom on an individual basis, yet still facilitate a traditional teacher guided class.


This year we are offering English 9-12, World History, US History, US Government, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, French 1 and 2, Spanish 1 and 2, Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, Independent Physics, Art, and Music.  Some of the music students recently performed at our anniversary celebration, and guests enjoyed not only the students’ musical talent, but the meaning behind the songs chosen.

When students were asked what is different about teachers at Chrysalis compared to other schools, students replied with comments such as, “They care about us. For reals.”, “The teachers are flexible.”, “The teachers actually teach. It’s not just textbook based. It’s specific and they’re willing to help. They make sure you don’t fail.”

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